My greek friends

Madklubben hos Lucas

Marie my good friend are back from Dubai she invited med on a boattrip.

Good greek friends they have a son who has a shop in Copenhagen.

The brother from Mikalis in the antik shop.

Irini and her friend i Velis taverna Maritza

Here together with Irini in Maritza in Velis taverna, here was also Smaro and Elina to a weading.

Here with my good friend Michalis june 2015

Nice to meet Zaxaroyla here june 2015.

This women sell pyramids homemade from their fabrik in Thesaloniki.

From the kiosk on Mandraki. Always we have a good talk problems to get a danish newspaper.

Stella and her granddaughter.

Easter lunch with my friends Irini and her daughter Carula on Monte Smidt.

From my favorable Taverna Jivino in 14 Ag. Fanouriou Street Old Town

Stamma and her lovely daughters in Falleraki.

Min yndlingsmassagepige fra Kina holder til på Elli Beach, hun er een af de få der taler engelsk.

My dear friend Jenny from Agla Hotel

From my holliday in Rhodos 2012.Pantelitsa with her new dog.

My dear friend Irini.

I also had to see Stamma in the small habour in Falleraki, Okt. 2011.

Love these lovely girls fra Agla Hotel Maria and Jenny,

These two german youngsters loved the cats near Kallithea Therme, here the cats has a good house for the winter, the animalwelfare make a good job here.

Sofia from Sofia Hotel in Falliraki with her grandchild.

These two lovely girls from Slovakia worked on Agla Hotel in the summertime 2011.

My friends playing on Mandala, this is one of the best places in Old Town.

Fotis and Petros on Limanaki fishtaverna

Meze from Griniaris its not the last time I have been there.

Every week I go out to best tavernas to eat here we are in Afandou near to the church.

In this lovely house is living one english women who take care of a lot of cats, I think she spend all her money on that.

Nice to see that there still are some who take care of the cats, these cats had plenty of food this is from old town near to suleman.

My last evening in may 2011 in Village Maritza on Taverna Masasoura, Irini took me to the Airport

On Fasouli Taverna in Psintos with some of my greek friends may 2011

A dutch famely I meet on Agla Hotel in may 2011

I always meet this women and one year I did`t see her so I thought she had died, but she had gone to Australia to visit her famely,well done.

The grandchildren from Olympos pension in Afanouri Street.

Pantelis Pitsas from Kanada Street, I always rent bikes from him, he died some years ago.

Zaxaroyla working in Black Pearl Afanouri Street

My good friend Fotis from Faliraki Bay Hotel

Sofia Danelatos from Faliraki

Jenny and Tasos in the bar in Agla Hotel.

Michalis in Afandu

Stavros from the good old days

Christos Danelatos from Faliraki

Maria from Sofia Hotel Faliraki

Old Town Rhodos

Old town Rhodos a good place to rest.

From Dragos bar in Old Town

2 singers I lived with in Congo Hotel

My friends from Congo Hotel

From shoeshop Kapsis the owner died some years ago now it belong to the son

I have known famely Danelatos for about 40 years.

Here I have bought alle my Tiger t-shirts for my band.

Outside from the taverna in Afantou

I was with Michalis and some of his friends in Afantou in a taverna where we got some greek specialites.

Marie Louise in Afanouri Street near Nikos shoeshop

The best barmen in Rhodos is in Agla Hotel the Mikemen.

Michalis play my guitar, he could play very well.

Sofia and Georgina Danelatos in Falleraki on the beach, they make fantastic food

Maria she is now working in Dubai, problems to find work in Rhodos.

My friends in Imperial carpet shop

Stamma lovely daughter so blue eyes in greece.

On Steno with Smaro and Sofia

Irini and her son.

Here I bay my newspaper every day in the kiosk on mandraki, we always have some small talk.

Stavros and Demitris they have a leather shop on top of Socrates Street, have known them since they had Partenon Taverna on the same place

By Irini in Fanouri Street here I buy some souveniers

Here I get my hair cut.

By Stamma in Falleraki

Sofia and her lovely daughters.

From Medieval coffee shop the best icecream in Old Town, Anastassis the son from Michalis and Kostas.

In Steno Taverna with my good friend Monique Owen

Here we are out in Psintos on a local taverna with Irini, Katrine and Marie Louise our last night on Rhodos.

Mikes fish taverna one of the best, Mike died in June 2011 and now his son Nikos will be there.

In taverna Mandala they have nice food and sometimes music in the evening together with Katrine and Marie Louise.

By Nicos shoeshop he have the best sandals in Old Town, Marie Louise, Katrine and Nikos.

My good friend from Albania he play music in the streets here outside Yannis Taverna.

Katrine-Marie Louise and Smaro in 2009.

This woman I meet first time in 1972 and i saw her again in 2006, she lives in Pastida

I played many years in Steffan Bar one of the oldest bars in New Town, the bar is now closed.

My good friends Elina and Smaro

Sofia and her daughter Zambika. I stayed many years in their hotel in Falleraki-They have two hotels Sofia and Falleraki Bay Hotel.

By Despina in Fanouri Street you can get good homemade food

Christoffer Katris.

My friend Michalis, I bought a lot of diskos from him.

Maria one of my good friends

I bought a loth of Tiger t-shirts from Katerina

The mother from Maria

Costa Katries in the middle was the first person I knew in Rhodos, he was in the reception on Congo Hotel, and this famely I became very good friends with. Costa died some years ago and we all miss him, Costa was the husband from Sofie.

Demitris from bar street he made very special irish coffee today he don`t have much open.

Dragos he had a small bar in Old Town, the was always many local people there, one of them was Michael he loved whisky

Foto from the seventies, his name was Mihalis Sciaditis he sold octapus in Sokrates street

Many different fishes, I took this foto outside a restaurant in Thira on Santorini.

These two make the best gyros on Rhodos

From Oct. 2011, I visited Christos Taverna near Zeferos Beach, I have been there many times and this is the best homemade food, salad and even the bread is the best I ever got during the 40 years on Rhodos. The service is perfect and I will recomand this place for my friends.

On island Halki from my room, the island have no cars and very few tourists, the houses is like on Symi, I always live by Sofia apt.

Stella with her grandchild

Kristos was my good friend he had a Taverna on the beach in Falleraki, I came in his house and knew all the famely, he died some years ago and we all miss him

Stamma has a small Taverna in the small harbour in Falleraki, I lived in Lido Hotel near to the taverna, so every night I went to see Stamma.

Manolis have I known all years he had a small pension in Afanouri Street.

I have been in greece for about 40 years so this country means a lot for me. I have been on many islands but my second home is Rhodos where I come every year, and off course I have got a lot of good friends there.
Maria from Agla Hotel where I normely stays, now she works in Lardos.

I meet these fantastic musicions on Bazara, there you can hear music some nights. I played a few of my numbers, one night I also played i Mandala

Sofia og Viki fra Agla Hotel

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Dorte Vestbjerg Madsen | Svar 13.09.2011 15:51

Dejlige billeder. Man kan godt se, at Jørgen Langballe og du er i familie med hinanden :

Merete Søberg Christensen | Svar 02.09.2010 11:46

Hej Tex - Uhm, Maria - hun dukker da vist op hele tiden. Dejlige billeder - og du ser slet ikke ud til at have ondt i nakken? - Kærlig hilsen - Merete

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